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Beef steak burger Aberdeen Angus 95%
Beef steak burger Aberdeen Angus 95% - фото 1 Beef steak burger Aberdeen Angus 95% - фото 2
Добавлено: 2 октября 2020, 10:59

Beef steak burger Aberdeen Angus 95%

оптовая цена
от 1.60 /штука
Koval Sergei
,  Таллинн, EE
на Флагма с 5 апреля 2016


We offer from a warehouse in Tallinn:

the highest quality product: beef steak burger Aberdeen Angus 95%.
Aberdeen Angus beef is considered one of the finest meat products in the world. Marbled fat is infused with lean meat to provide tenderness during baking and to enhance flavor and juiciness.
Our steak burgers are sourced from UK certified breeders and only the finest cuts of Aberdeen Angus beef are used to make our burgers.
Burger weight - 170 grams. Packaging - cardboard box with 24 burgers.
This product has a unique taste and will become a serious competitive advantage in the market.
The product has just arrived in Estonia and is in a warehouse in Tallinn.
We invite you to consider the possibility of cooperation and supplement your range of hamburgers with such a unique and high-quality product as beef steak burger "Aberdeen Angus"
The minimum lot is 1 box (24 burgers).

There are all the necessary documents confirming the origin and quality of the goods. The product is Halal certified.

Burger price: 1.60 euros per piece + VAT.

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,  Таллинн, EE
на Флагма с 5 апреля 2016

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