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Charcoal supply. Oak, hornbeam.
Charcoal supply. Oak, hornbeam. - фото 1 Charcoal supply. Oak, hornbeam. - фото 2 Charcoal supply. Oak, hornbeam. - фото 3 Charcoal supply. Oak, hornbeam. - фото 4 Charcoal supply. Oak, hornbeam. - фото 5 Charcoal supply. Oak, hornbeam. - фото 6 Charcoal supply. Oak, hornbeam. - фото 7
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Charcoal supply. Oak, hornbeam.

290 /тонна
оптовая цена
290 - 405 /тонна
Savin Vitalii
,  Таллинн, EE
на Флагма с 9 октября 2020


The main activity of SV-Synergy is the production and export of high quality, environmentally friendly premium charcoal.

Our mission is to provide consumers with materials of the highest quality at affordable prices and the highest level of service.

We produce charcoal from hardwoods - oak, hornbeam and fruit trees - apple and pear.
Special patented production technologies allow charcoal to be calcined at temperatures ranging from 450 to 550 ° C. This is the most suitable technology for most coal consumption areas. The content of non-volatile carbon is up to 93%.
The charcoal products supplied by SV-Synergy meet the established requirements of the international standard, which allows them to be used for grilling dishes.
Shipment in bulk (from 15 tons) is carried out according to automotive standards directly from the production of our company in the city of Shostka in an ecologically clean forest in the Sumy region of Ukraine.
The company has valid contracts with logistics companies, which makes it possible to optimize the logistics of product delivery both by road and sea transport.
Pricing is individual, depending on the customer's wishes for the packaging of coal, as well as on the volume and terms of delivery.
The activities of our team are based on experience, information exchange and individual responsibility of each specialist for the tasks assigned to us.
Delivery terms DAP, CIF.
Prices are indicated excluding delivery.

Номер объявления: 1763176
,  Таллинн, EE
на Флагма с 9 октября 2020

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